Cohort Reflections

Thinking Big and Decision Making

By Brad Hughes, Asset Manager for Ventura Investment Co. They found a way to build the internal combustion engine with 300 horse power and better fuel economy than most cars on the road today when

On Leadership and Exploring the Deep Sea

By Melissa Baffa, Cohort XVII, President, VCLA Board of Directors Seven years ago, I was a member of Cohort XVII. It was during our session on education that our director asked for volunteers for the position of cohort representative. It sounded like a fantastic opportunity, but I was afraid to raise my hand. I would…

Cohort XXIII Reflections

By Nerissa Stacey, Communications Strategist, Mustang Marketing It seems like only yesterday that I took my seat at Camp Arnaz for Cohort XXIII’s very first session. I remember looking around the room at a sea of unfamiliar faces, not sure what to expect but excited to find out. And now I’m preparing to sit among…

Take Two – The Creation of “GOAT”

By Eva Gomez, Director of Annual Giving and Special Gifts, California State University Channel Islands It seemed like just yesterday that VCLA Cohort XXIII had gotten together for their first highly anticipated meeting.  As we all arrived for our second meeting, the anticipation and anxiety over what to expect had long disappeared.  Instead, we were…

Cheers to a Successful Session One

By Nerissa Stacey, Communications Strategist, Mustang Marketing After much anticipation, the first session finally arrived for all of us in VCLA Cohort XXIII — and it definitely did not disappoint. In talking with others who have participated in VCLA, I’ve consistently heard two things. First, I’ve been told that


By C.J. Keavney To Camp Arnaz with the September air still crisp and mild, Went the band of 29 known as VCLA’s Deuces Wild. Just like the 21 before them, Cohort 22 was eager To learn the wisdom to help each become a leader.