Cohort Reflections

Day One, Taking the Leap

By Deborah Meyer-Morris Driving home from work on Thursday  September 12, 2019, the night before VCLA Day One, I was giddy with excitement and gratitude thinking about VCLA starting the next day. I have worked continuously, one way or another since I was 12 years old when I first starting delivering magazines on my bike.…

The Expectation of Leadership: Re-orient

By Theresa McKenrick Thirty-two individuals took the first steps to becoming a team months before the first session this past Friday. In preparation for applying to become a part of Cohort XXV, I visited the VCLA website and read thru the curriculum. When submitting my application, then again as I prepared for my panel interview,…

4 Degrees of Separation

By Merrill Whatley Shortly after our January 11 VCLA session, I took a trip to Pittsburgh for work. As I write this, I am on Southwest Airlines, flying to Denver on my way back home via Burbank. In the morning portion of the Local Government focus session, the subjects we covered about city government, county…

Ahoy Matey!

By Franki D. Williams After a morning focusing on local government in Thousand Oaks, I drove the back way through the agricultural fields of Camarillo, a part of the city unfamiliar to me, and met the rest of the cohort at the Port of Hueneme. Upon arrival, we were greeted by

Water, water everywhere

By Jon Gathman, Installation Program Integrator at Naval Base Ventura County How much water comes from the San Joaquin Valley (ie Sacramento) to support the Metropolitan Water District (serving you, me and the 18.999998 million people in Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura counties)? 4% 10% 30% 60%

Thinking Big and Decision Making

By Brad Hughes, Asset Manager for Ventura Investment Co. They found a way to build the internal combustion engine with 300 horse power and better fuel economy than most cars on the road today when