Current Cohort

VCLA will be announcing the members of Cohort XXX in July of 2024.

The VCLA mission is to "connect people and issues to strengthen our county" by developing, educating, and inspiring a diverse group of leaders who aim to enhance the quality of life in Ventura County. The curriculum of this year-long program includes ten full-day, interactive sessions, at locations throughout Ventura County. The cohort members hear directly from the subject matter experts on many of the critical issues impacting the region. Other session topics include education, public safety, health care, economic development, arts and culture, agriculture, and housing. Cohort members are also responsible for hosting a group volunteer event, focused on the betterment of Ventura County.

Cohort XXX Dates (2024-2025)

Orientation Session (Via Zoom)
September 5, 2024 (Thurs)

First Session
September 13, 2024

Second Session
October 10, 2024 (Thurs)

Third Session
November 15, 2024

Fourth Session
December 13, 2024

Fifth Session
January 17, 2025

Sixth Session
February 7, 2025

Seventh Session
Sacramento Trip – February 23- 25, 2025 (Sun-Tues)

Eighth Session
March 21, 2025

Ninth Session
April 11, 2025

Tenth Session
May 9, 2025

May 15, 2025 (Thurs eve)