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A Partnership That Counts

In 2020, two longtime partners of VCLA (the County of Ventura & Mustang Marketing) connected about creating and implementing an outreach campaign for the Census 2020 count. The U.S. Census Bureau had ranked Ventura County as the fifty-ninth most vulnerable county in the nation out of 3,215 counties at risk of experiencing an extreme undercount in the Census.

Outside of the incredible effort and work being done by the Complete Count Committee and multiple partner agencies and organizations, the County and Mustang developed a targeted campaign comprised of everything from hundreds of print ads to billboards to videos in three languages designed to reach our hard-to-count populations. For these efforts, the County of Ventura and Mustang Marketing were recently honored with a CAPIO Award of Distinction. This award is presented for projects that exceed industry standards in quality and achievement.

Great work and congratulations to both of these organizations (especially our two alumni pictured above, Natalie Hernandez (cohort XXVIII) with the County of Ventura & Jessica Weihe (cohort XXVI) with Mustang Marketing)!

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