Board of Directors

Brad "Brick" Conners, President

City Manager, City of Port Hueneme

Melissa Baffa

Steven E. Elson, Ph.D., Treasurer

 CEO Emeritus, Casa Pacifica Centers for Children & Families

Rudy Gonzales, Secretary

Government Relations Manager, Southern California Edison

Jennifer Caldwell, Director

 Chief Development Officer, Food Share of Ventura County

Bob Harrell, Director

Financial Planner, Independent Capital Management

Darren Kettle, Director

Executive Director, Ventura County Transportation Commission

Dr. Tiffany Morse

Superintendent, Ojai Unified School District


In Memoriam

Pattie Braga

Director, Ventura County Leadership Academy

Priscilla Partridge

Dr. Pricilla Partridge de Garcia

Founder/Director - Ventura County Leadership Academy

Olympic Torch Bearer for Ventura County, 1996

University of Southern California, Helen of Troy

President, AIM: Partridge Garcia Group, Inc.

Woman of the Year, Conejo Chamber of Commerce

Woman of the Year, Camarillo Chamber of Commerce

Clinical psychologist, author, international speaker & workshop leader, educator, previous TV & radio host

VCLA Advisory Council

Co-Chair - Connie Young - Retired Banker

Co-Chair - Patty Brown, Dottie's Sweet Delights

Sue Chadwick - Retired, SBBT/Union Bank
Marc Charney - Law Office of Marc Charney
George Corbin - Adjunct Instructor, Cal Lutheran University
Dr. Pedro Garcia - USC, Professor, Clinical Education
Everette Garmon - Retired Sr Financial Analyst, City of Ventura

Jacqui Irwin - Assemblymember, 44th District
Dr. Chris Kimball - President, California Lutheran University
Flo Lamanno - Co-Founder, VCLA
Kathy Long - Former VC BOS, 3rd District, Co-Founder, VCLA
Margaret de la M - Educator Co-founder, VCLA
Michael Powers - CEO, County of Ventura

Kathy Rafaelli - Retired, United Way Ventura County
Charles Sandlin - COO, Roadrunner Shuttle
Suzanne Scar - Owner, Central Coast Imaging Solutions
Mike Silacci - External Affairs, AT&T
Bart Stern - Ventura Investment Company
Ernie Villegas - Villegas Public Affairs