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#Take5 – VCLA Reads 2023

Thank you to all of the VCLA alumni who took part in the First 5 Ventura County #Take5VC program, which encourages us to read, talk, and sing to the children in our lives. Some of the featured readers were Stacie Galang (cohort XX) with the Ventura County Star, Dorina Timbol (cohort XXVIII) with For The Need Foundation, Dustin Gardner (cohort XXI) with the Ventura County Fire Department, Eric Knight (cohort XXIV) with the Humane Society of Ventura County, David Tennessen (class 5) and Susan Santangelo (cohort XXVI) both councilmembers with the City of Camarillo, Danielle Borja (cohort XXIV) with the Greater Conejo Chamber of Commerce, and Amanda Fagan (cohort XXIII) with the Ventura County Transportation Commission.

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