The Status Quo is Nowhere to Be Found During a Pandemic


Jess Weihe Director or Marketing, Mustang Marketing VCLA Cohort XXVI “Listen to their voices,” rung in my head — a sentiment expressed from an earlier speaker, as Michael Jump, chief deputy district attorney and director of victim and community services for the  County of Ventura, shared with us why the ceilings in the new Ventura County…

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Agriculture, Water, and the Environment

Dhruv Pandya VCLA Cohort XXVI Information Security Specialist, J.D. Power Terri Anderson VCLA Cohort XXVI Labor Relations Manager, County of Ventura What a day! Ventura County is known for many things, but one of THE top things for which our county is known for is Agriculture. And of course, how agriculture grows is affected by…

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