First-Aid for Mental Illness

Michelle Rogers Community Outreach and Education Manager – Camarillo Health Care District Last fall, a friend I had known since I moved to Ventura County in 2016 was displaying signs of what I thought might be early dementia. She was forgetful, confused at times, the stories and information she shared were inconsistent and oftentimes didn’t…

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An Encouraging Day

Nick Sondergoth Sr. VP – Investments,  Wells Fargo Advisors During our most recent VCLA session, we had the opportunity to hear from a fantastic lineup of speakers that each held an impressive breadth of knowledge within their respective disciplines.  In particular, the front half of the day was particularly impactful, as the focus turned towards…

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The Crisis of the Unhoused in Thousand Oaks

Reyes Atticus

Atticus Reyes Field Representative, Office of CA State Assemblymember Steve Bennett VCLA Cohort XXVII The second session of VCLA consisted of community outreach projects where we were all split into small groups and dispersed across different cities of Ventura County to learn about their issues and report back to the cohort. This was quite an…

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