Cohort Reflections

PJ Gagajena

As a new resident and employee to Moorpark and Ventura County, VCLA opened my eyes to the various challenges and opportunities facing our region. The program connected me with key stakeholders and passionate individuals committed to improving people’s lives, serving their communities, exchanging ideas, and supporting each other’s work. I am very honored, deeply touched, and truly inspired by the incredible people I have met through the program. The staff, board of directors, alumni, guest speakers, supporters and allies, and my cohort were so welcoming that I can honestly say I found a new family in Ventura County!

My deepest thanks to VCLA’s founder, the late and great Dr. Pricilla Partridge de Garcia, for leaving a legacy; Executive Director Pattie Braga for her leadership; the VCLA Board of Directors for their vision; and my cohort, the 27 Legends, for making the experience absolutely legendary!

PJ Gagajena (Cohort XXVII), Assistant City Manager, City of Moorpark