Cohort Reflections


Jeopardy, VCLA Style

Dr. Lorelle Dawes

Director of Expanded Learning, Ventura Unified School District

The first day when Ventura County Leadership Academy (VCLA) Cohort 28 met as a group at the National Search Dog Foundation training site was a hit! We learned about each other—our experiences, our fears, our hopes—and we planned to make this an epic year with experiences all around Ventura County and through service. Throughout the presentations, drumming, sharing of immersion activities, and collegiality, I realized we could have added several more rounds to the Jeopardy game that showed how competitive we are! Here’s one round, just for fun. In the category of "Give us the First Name" in VCLA Jeopardy, here are the answers:

  • For $1- Taught drumming to 7 to 70 year olds
  • For $5- Empowers us to make the most of VCLA
  • For $10- Restored 97 old cars
  • For $20- Asked us to identify how we are perceived on first impression and what we do to overcome it
  • $100- Volunteered to be our cohort representatives

In the ensuing weeks, we will be exploring issues in several cities around the County, presenting them to our colleagues, solidifying a community service project we will do with VCLA alumni, and generally making the most of our leadership roles. We are embarking on an adventure that is exciting, empowering, and capable of transforming our community. Personally, I am really looking forward to getting to know this phenomenal group of leaders and seeing what we can do to make a difference in Ventura County! Let’s do this!

Questions: 1- Who is John? 5- Who is Pattie? (also correct- any VCLA staff member, alumni, or current member) 10- Who is Greg? 20- Who is Tiffany? 100- Who are Misty and Tammie?

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