Cohort Reflections

Jennifer Duston

“Although the majority of my VCLA experience took place during Covid and on Zoom I can’t tell you how invaluable this experience was. Aside from learning so much about our county and widening my focus from serving my own city, I met people with whom we WILL make a difference. The thing about VCLA is your are surrounded by All Stars. All Stars in many different areas, and when you bring these All Stars together we do great things. A casual conversation turns into a lunch date which turns into attending a meeting one of your cohorts is passionate about and before you know it you are using your strengths, your passion and connections to impact something you never even knew existed. VCLA will change your life in ways you will never imagine, but more importantly your life will be used in ways to make your community better, in more ways than you could ever dream of.”

Jennifer Duston (Cohort XXVI), Client Partner, Franklin Covey