Cohort Reflections


Daring Fearlessly

Deanna Weik

Human Services Agency, HR Director - County of Ventura

"High stakes. Political powerbrokers. Government insiders. Public affairs. There were multiple prominent and substantive speakers at our Sacramento session, but Jennifer Fearing's presentation stood out the most to me. Not because she’s a fellow UC Davis alumnus, but because of why she launched Fearless Advocacy. It's simple yet powerful - advocate for what you care about.

Everyone in our cohort has something we are super passionate about. Whether it’s giving the gift of life as an ‘unwitting kidney donor,’ running a business to help underserved populations in our community, recognizing our own parenting frailties when our adult children takes a misstep, or broadening our networks to effect professional or personal changes. No matter our causes, each of us can reflect on what matters most and taking steps to support them. Fearing described several ways we can advocate: (1) personal/peer to peer; (2) protest/boycott; (3) community education; and (4) political legislation. I especially appreciate the comment she made “it’s okay to make people uncomfortable” in moving the needle on issues we care about.

Thank you VCLA!

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