Alumni Updates


An Impactful Donation

It started at VCLA's recent session in Sacramento... Michael Shankin (Cohort XXVII), Executive Director for kidSTREAM and Jeremey Shumaker (Cohort XXVI) with American Medical Response (AMR) were able to discuss the possibility of an ambulance donation to Ventura County's new children's museum. Earlier this week, a donation was made to kidSTREAM to be used in an exhibit which highlights first responders and early childhood safety education. “I am so thankful for the American Medical Response team that helped me secure the ambulance so that we can use it as a teaching tool for the future guests of kidSTREAM.", Michael shared with us. "We look forward to celebrating the lifesaving work they do while providing inspiration and education for the children and families that attend the museum. This just illustrates what an amazing community we have and the power of the Ventura County Leadership Academy. Were it not for VCLA, this never would have happened!”