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Alumni & Friends Founding Members

Suzanne Chadwick

Michael Paule

Pattie Braga

Robert S Harrell

Professor de la M, Ret.

Drew & Pat West

Marc & Marcia Charney

Connie Young

Steven Elson, Ph.D.

Barton Stern

Brad "Brick" Conners

Rudy Gonzales

Iris L Siegel

Alumni & Friends Members

Kevin Gillogly, Cohort XIV

Patti Blair, Cohort XXIV

James Forsythe, Cohort XXV

Deborah Meyer-Morris, Cohort XXV

Crystal Stratton, Cohort XXV

Carrie Hughes, Cohort XX

Linda Rossi, Cohort XX

Loredana Carson, XXII

Sharon Cromartie, Cohort XIX

Tara Carruth, Cohort XXIII

Seleta Dobrosky, Cohort XXIII

Josh Damigo, Cohort XXV

Kristin Ockert, Cohort XXIV

Caitlin Barringer, Cohort XXV